besides "all things"
  1. Being tired all the time
    Due, I assume, to blood loss, it's almost impossible to wake up in the morning; & then staying awake is its own struggle.
  2. Cramps
  3. Needing caffeine
    This sort of goes with the cramps thing, since a combination of caffeine & ibuprofen is the only thing that provides me some relief. However, I'm extremely sensitive to caffeine - even the little in decaf makes me shaky if I haven't eaten enough - so I'm basically just trading one discomfort for another.
  4. Having to pee all the time
    I drink 6-8 liters of water a day so I tend to pee frequently anyway, but for whatever reason (uterine swelling?) that number goes up when I'm on my period. Plus, I always sort of /feel/ like I have to pee, even when I don't need to.
  5. None of my bras fitting correctly
    I love bras & will defend them until the day I die. All my bras are comfortable & lovely... until I'm on my period, at which point they become utterly useless.
  6. Men freaking the fuck out if I so much as imply that I might be on my period
    Girls as young as nine deal with this shit as part of their regular lives, but you, a grown man, can't handle hearing that I have cramps?? Not like, a graphic description about how blood is coming out of my genitals, just me saying, "I'm on my period & I have cramps & I'm in a lot of pain." Grow the fuck up!
  7. Men implying I'm being irrational and/or only upset because I'm on my period
    Actually, my frustration with you is totally legitimate, it's just more difficult for me to conceal that frustration. Newsflash: when you've been dealing with hormone fluctuations for over a decade, you're able to recognize what's frustrating you because of those hormones & what's genuinely frustrating. Having your feelings regularly minimized & dismissed is genuinely frustrating.
  8. Exclusive to this Easter season: Not being able to find Peepsters!!