2. FOR
  4. Whose capture made Steve immediately run off, alone, on an unsanctioned & unsupported rescue mission with a prop shield & no plan?
  5. Whose death caused Steve to go from "I don't want to kill anybody" to "I'm not gonna stop until all of Hydra is dead or captured"?
  6. Whose sudden reappearance as an enemy asset caused Steve to break down so completely that he let a SHIELD team arrest him without a fight?
  7. Who did Steve willingly offer to let kill him because he would rather die than hurt that person?
  8. Whose name made Steve lose focus long enough for Rumlow to detonate a bomb right in front of him?
  9. For whom did Steve go rogue & take on a CIA kill squad AND unknown deadly vigilante?
  10. For whom did Steve climb up an elevator shaft he'd just been thrown down & try to stop a helicopter with his bare hands?
  11. Who did Steve pull out of a river & hide from the authorities, even though that person had just tried to kill him & most of his friends?
  12. Over whom was Steve willing to physically fight half his friends?
  13. Over whom was Steve willing to let the other half of his friends go to prison?
  14. For whom did Steve fight Tony practically to the death?
  15. For whom did Steve give up his shield, not once, but TWICE?
  16. I'm not saying Bucky is the love of Steve's life or anything.
  17. But these films sure are.