1. He defended Chandler to his family even though Chandler messed around with his sister
    & couldn't remember which sister!
  2. He supported Monica when she wanted to go to a sperm bank & also made her see that she deserved to wait for her dreams to come true instead of settling
  3. He stayed friends with Chandler after Chandler crossed the line AND was fine with Chandler getting together with his ex because he just wanted Chandler to be happy
  4. He spent a whole day with Janice in an effort to like her because it was important to Chandler that they get along
    And even though he couldn't like her, he knew he could fake it enough to hang out with her & Chandler, & that's all that mattered to him because he didn't want to ruin his & Chandler's friendship
  5. He helped Treeger learn how to dance to keep Monica & Rachel from getting evicted
  6. When Phoebe was pregnant & craving meat, he gave up meat so she could eat it without feeling guilty
    Thank you, @jessnobs, for reminding me about this one!
  7. He let Monica fire him so the other employees at her restaurant would respect her
  8. He covered for Chandler & Monica for months after they first got together, even when that meant letting the other friends think he was some gross pervert who left his underwear in other people's apartments, because Chandler & Monica weren't ready to be public yet
  9. He broke up with Janine, his dream girl, because she didn't like Chandler & Monica
  10. He held back from making a move on Rachel, his actual dream girl, for two years because he didn't want to hurt Ross
  11. He was always there for Rachel when she was pregnant and after she had Emma
  12. But he was still always willing to take a step back so Ross wouldn't feel pushed out
  13. And he never made his feelings for Rachel her problem
    He was seriously just the greatest when it came to the Rachel thing
  14. He wasn't even mad when he saw Ross kissing Charlie because he knew it made sense for everyone involved
  15. And he was still willing to break things off with Rachel if that's what Ross wanted
    Even though by that point Ross had NO RIGHT to stand in anyone's way when it came to Rachel
  16. He ruined his chances with Phoebe's 'easy' friend because he felt so terrible about screwing up Phoebe's blind date & wanted things to go well with Mike
  17. He always understood that Chandler's relationship with Monica had to come before Chandler's friendship with Joey & was completely fine with it - even when Chandler & Monica didn't think he was
  18. I'm probably forgetting like 5000 other things
  19. He was just the sweetest, most loyal, most giving, greatest friend in history & all I want out of life is my very own Joey Tribbiani!