Back in the good old days, when all men were mustachioed and all women preferred their men mustachioed, people knew how to live dangerously, recklessly, violently and AWESOMELY.
  1. Riding motorcycles with lions!
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    This photo was taken at the first and most famous of the Lion Dromes, where spectators watched lions ride in motorcycle sidecars on the sides of walls:
  2. Tennis on an airplane wing!
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    This 1925 photo depicts a male and female daredevil pretending to play tennis on the wing of a biplane:
  3. Shooting each other with guns!
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    The man in the picture is about to engage in bloodless dueling, a precursor to paintballing that for some reason required everyone to dress like steampunk bounty hunters:
  4. Car crash polo!
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    “Auto polo” players would head out to their nearest muddy field, mount up an unstable, dangerous, rickety car -- a vehicle that had only been invented 30 years earlier, remember -- and then whale on the ball and their opponents with hammers while crashing their cars into each other: