5 Beloved Actors Who Almost Exclusively Worked Drunk

It's almost as if being rich and famous enough to do literally anything and get away with it has some sort of negative impact on one's restraint. But this is not new to Hollywood. This kind of thing has actually been going on forever. For example ... (click for full article) http://goo.gl/4NNM00
  1. Cary Grant Cut Back On Booze By Switching To LSD
    Grant would later go on to become acid's greatest public champion, claiming he was "born again" from the experience, and called the doctor who recommended it "my wise Mahatma." Of course, there are some downsides to enlightenment. When you let go of all worldly concerns, few pause to consider that also means "control of your butthole." According to Grant, "we are all unconsciously holding our anus. In one LSD dream, I shit all over the rug and shit all over the floor."
  2. John Huston Was A Giant-Donged Drunken Testosterone Monster
    According to the (many) women with direct experience, the only thing longer than Huston's filmography was in his pants. At least, on the rare occasion that it was in his pants. Even his daughter, actress Anjelica Huston, waxed poetic about it in her memoir. "He was extremely well-endowed, but I tried not to stare or betray any interest in what I was observing," she wrote, in a passage which should have set alarms off in the CPS cold case department.
  3. Joan Crawford Traveled With Basically A Full Bar
    Crawford's contract had a rider that would give Keith Richards pause. On each stop of the tour, she requested to be provided with two fifths of Smirnoff 100-proof vodka, one fifth of Old Forester bourbon, one fifth of Chivas Regal Scotch, one fifth of Beefeater gin, two bottles of Moet & Chandon champagne, and, of course, a case of Pepsi.
  4. W.C. Fields Got Into Shape With A Vigorous Regimen Of Exercise And Booze
    Fields said that his daily workout involved riding a stationary bike which was positioned facing his liquor cabinet to provide "incentive." And he would often jog behind the local beer wagon (this being back in the days when beer wagons roamed the neighborhood like ice cream trucks and the Flintstones advertised cigarettes). Those sound like jokes, but a reporter from Life magazine once watched him knock back "five tall glasses of rum in two hours" while lifting weights and jogging.
  5. Peter O'Toole Wouldn't Allow Acting To Get In The Way Of His Drinking Career
    Michael Caine recalled the night he went drinking with O'Toole, and the next thing he can remember, he woke up two days later in a strange flat, a few hours before they were both due to be on stage. Caine says "somewhere in my life, there is a Sunday missing," and that it was the first and last time he tested his alcohol endurance against Peter O'Goddamn Toole.