When it comes to being terrible, actual human behavior can run laps around the human imagination (or at least what we want to see on the screen). Here are five examples of cartoonish, over-the-top evil schemes that are still less horrifying than their real-world counterparts. (Click for full) http://goo.gl/Wwf25V
  1. Price Gouging A Basic Necessity
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    In terms of their overall business plan, Bechtel did everything Greene did in Quantum Of Solace, but then also tried to shake down the country to pay for their board's mistakes. That makes them evil with a final note of cowardly bureaucratic pettiness. I don't think that makes them any more evil, but it does somehow make them 30 times more punchable.
  2. Laundering Money For Criminal Organizations
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    The villain in The Firm is the unscrupulous law firm of Bendini, Lambert & Locke. The firm does a lot of villainous things, but what makes them rich is laundering money for a mafia family from Chicago. In the real world, prestigious Memphis law firms don't typically launder money for the mob. They do it from terrorist organizations.
  3. Experimenting On Unwilling Subjects
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    If Extreme Measures had its villain performing those procedures on kids with cerebral palsy, it would have lost all stakes for being too unbelievable. That is what would have brought our suspended disbelief crashing down around us, even in a movie in which Hugh Grant plays a character whom people respect. These experiments are literally unbelievably evil.
  4. Covering Up The Dangerous Side Effects Of A Drug
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    The fictitious Devlin MacGregor Pharmaceutical did everything that Merck did. Both disregarded their customers' safety for the sake of profits. Both tried to cover up the scandal. The company in The Fugitive even threw in a bonus murder and framing. I still maintain that Merck is the more terrible, depressing case. That's because they did all that for slightly safer aspirin. In the real world, Merck's drug was prescribed for aspirin-level arthritis relief and killed an estimated 60,000 people.
  5. Displacing An Entire Tribe To Mine Their Land
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    The plot of Avatar is kind of a prototypical story about colonialism, so it parallels a lot of other stories about colonialism: Dances With Wolves, Pocahontas, Ernest Goes To Camp, etc. So it wouldn't be surprising to find out that an actual company did something like this a few hundred years ago. But it might be surprising that this kind of thing was still going down in the very modern era of the 1960s.