. What I'm answering today is, what happened next? What happened when their 15 minutes were up? Usually something terrible that makes us all feel better about our own lives, to be honest. Got it? Cool. Let's begin with the first non-human to make it into this series ...(click for full) http://goo.gl/SQ6ldT
  1. The IKEA Monkey Was Legally Taken Away From His Owner, Lives In A Sanctuary
    IKEA Monkey's name is Darwin. He's a Japanese macaque. Macaques of any nationality are considered exotic animals and cannot be owned as pets in Canada. So when Darwin escaped, he brought a lot of unwanted attention to his owner, a woman named Yasmin Nakhuda, who thought of Darwin as her child, like pet owners tend to do. Darwin was picked up by animal services and placed in a primate sanctuary the day after he made his worldwide debut in that IKEA. A contentious and lengthy legal battle ensued.
  2. The "Dancing Pumpkin Head" Guy's Son Thinks His Dad Is Awesome
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    So what's the dark twist of his post-viral fame? That's what's great about Geiler's story: It doesn't have one. No downward spiral into dancing with the pumpkin mask for food or the sexual pleasure of Russian oligarchs. There isn't much to say about his life today, save for one heartwarming detail. At 12 years old, his son performed his dad's dance at a middle school talent show. He's proud to say that his dad was the guy in the pumpkin mask dancing like an idiot just to kill some airtime.
  3. The Hot Felon Is Going To Be A Star. Maybe.
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    The story of the felon whose mugshot looks like a Calvin Klein cologne ad can be best told through his talent agent, Jim Jordan. Jordan is what's called a "mother agent." He finds raw talent, trains the client in the ways of the entertainment industry, and then sells the client off to the highest-bidding agent. Jordan gets a cut of their profits.
  4. Tanning Mom's Life Is A Sad Downward Spiral Of Fame-Seeking
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    Within months, she proved to be a classic case of someone who didn't have all their shit together suddenly being thrust into the spotlight, surrounded by a storm of controversy that was exasperated and prolonged by her need to be famous, all the while never realizing she had already become infamous. The story of Krentcil maybe burning her own daughter in a tanning booth as a possible extension of her own problems with "tanorexia" opened the door to exciting new ways to be a wreck.
  5. The Mental Health Struggles Of The "M'Lady Meme" Guy Prepared Him For The Horrors Of Internet Fame
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    That now-famous picture of him tipping his trilby (it's not a fedora) was one of Messing's headshots. The internet gods randomly selected it to be the mascot of the fabled fedora-clad neckbeard subspecies of geek. Gamergate became a thing and Messing's face got dragged into the horrible, putrid muck of the controversy. Imagine your face suddenly having a negative connotation attached to it and countless people posting it all over the internet to disparage others.