Advertisers are a lot like popular kids in high school: They're rich, always hanging out with hot people, and devoting every conscious thought to how to look cool. Here are five attempts to market to young people that are high-key LOL epic #fails to the max. (click for full)
  1. Microsoft Asks Potential Employees To "Get Lit" With Them
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    The email is addressed to "bae intern," because "bae" is something this recruiter must have heard their niece use once, and parroting youth-speak is life. It's an invite to a party which they insist will be exclusive, despite the fact that they invited every intern working in tech whose email they could find. Undoubtedly, Microsoft set some kind of minimum baeness quotient (MBQ) required for entry. Because that's how you verifiably partayyy!
  2. Hillary Clinton Asked People To Describe Their Crippling Debt In Emojis
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    Clinton's campaign thought the tweet would precipitate a cascade of fire emoji tweets, each more two-hands-praising-emoji than the last. And that's what might have happened if Clinton had simply said, "How do you feel about your student loan debt? Ready for a change?" If she'd just straightforwardly pandered to them, undergrads would have showered her in creative emojis.
  3. The Department Of Health and Human Services Will Debase Itself To Any Degree If People Will Think About Their Health
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    The ad is just "Hey, they'll recognize this internet meme!" They might as well have made an ad that says "Know who thinks signing up with us for health insurance is a great idea? LEEEEEROY JENKINS!"
  4. Taco Bell Has Indiscriminately Mashed The Internet Together In The Hopes You Will Like Something
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    It stars internet darling George Takei (I hear this guy's so big on the internet that he might get a cameo in Star Trek) in a room made out of memes reading user tweets about Taco Bell (not about mornings after Taco Bell). It's got heart emojis in his eyes, laser beams, angel wings, and, very confusingly, Takei dressed up as Donald Trump.
  5. Chevy Treats Millennials Like Neanderthals
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    Chevy ran an ad in which they asked "real people" to give their thoughts on the new Cruze. The catch? (*Dramatic pause*) They could only answer in emojis. If you need a moment to process that incredible twist, you aren't alone. The blonde girl's mind is blown, as she lets out a wide-eyed "Whoaaa!"