I'm firmly planted in the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy, because I believe that if creating kickass content was easy, everyone would be doing it, and it would pay less than minimum wage. But then these things happen, and my whole worldview gets punched right in its butthole ... (Click for full column) http://goo.gl/yAhkTY
  1. Jimmy Wong Covers Adventure Time's "Bacon Pancakes"
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    Keen-eyed and super awesome observers will recognize that group of human faceheads as Jimmy Wong, who plays Fred Chu in John Dies At The End. Jimmy decided that the single verse of "Bacon Pancakes" that Adventure Time provided wasn't enough, so he gathered up a shitload of instruments and recording equipment and set out to write a full version.
  2. Diablo Fans Get Tired Of Waiting And Make Their Own
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    Some time around 2007, a bunch of fans got sick of waiting for not just Blizzard but any company at all to release an unshitty game in the style of Diablo II, so they said, "Fuck this. We'll create our own." Remember, D3 wasn't announced until a year after the players' decision to design their own game, and by that point, they'd already given Blizzard over six years to step up to the plate.
  3. Mortal Kombat Gets A Gritty Makeover
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    Kevin Tancharoen isn't exactly an amateur. Even at the time this came out, he had an impressive resume in the entertainment industry that ranges from being a dance choreographer for Madonna to co-creating MTV's DanceLife. Yeah, I've never heard of it either, but the point is that creating a show that ends up on MTV kind of takes you out of the amateur circle jerk. That's why it's impressive that he took a big ol' hard fanboy look at Mortal Kombat and thought, "This could be so much cooler."
  4. Fans Make Nerf Guns Worth Owning
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    That's a Nerf machine gun that is supposed to fire 300 darts per minute (five per second). But that's not good enough to be considered awesome. His mods, which took him four hours to pull off, more than doubled that to 615 shots per minute (10.25 per second). Now imagine all of those darts slamming into your best friend's crotch while you scream, "NERF COCK! NEEERRRRFF COOOOOOOCK!"
  5. Burger King's Novelty Game Boy Toy Gets Turned Into An Actual Game Boy
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    A guy on Reddit (Chase Lambeth) turned that bitch into an actual, working Game Boy Color Nano. Well, he didn't, but that's what every other gun-jumping website in existence is saying. It was actually made by a guy he met on Instagram who goes by the name IvanRetrobit. It runs on an emulator, and the little plastic cover has been replaced with a two-inch LCD screen. It can run Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games.