Video games have a weird obsession with moral decisions. The idea is supposedly to deliver an emotional impact, but these choices generally only lead to an internet search on which Force powers you get if you saw all the younglings in half with your light saber. (click for full)
  1. Resident Evil: Revelations 2's Best Ending Requires Getting The Anti-Gun Teen To Shoot Someone
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    If you do this right, the story sends Moira off to hunt with a cranky Russian hermit for six months, setting off a chain of events that lets her rescue her dad and save the world. It seems like the game's moral is ... wait, this can't be right. Resident Evil is saying "Kids should play with guns, especially if they don't want to because the last time they tried they shot their sister?" That seems like a strange advice.
  2. Dishonored Rewards You For Kidnapping Women And Giving Them To A Stalker
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    You should know that no matter what Dishonored says, if you're determined to exact revenge against someone, this is worse than murder. Her best-case scenario is that you drugged her too hard and she never wakes up. Players mentioned how disgusting this sequence is to the developers and to their credit, they responded. Both by saying oops, and suggesting she probably turned the tables on her sex offender with her guile.
  3. Silent Hill 3 Condemns You For Forgiveness
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    Giving this woman some forgiveness is a pretty nice thing to do, right? No, you monster. Only priests can forgive sins, and you're an unwed girl pregnant with a cult monster. So even if you find killing your child's murderer a forgivable offense, you know what isn't? Impersonating a priest. Doing so costs you a ton of morality points and puts you a step closer to getting possessed by your own evil God baby. The most moral thing you can do is turn your back on this crybaby.
  4. Fallout 3 Punishes You For Problem-Solving
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    It gets sillier. One of your followers, Fawkes the Super Mutant, is immune to radiation. It's not only his special ability, it's his race's entire origin story. And since he's a walking storage warehouse and infinite laser machine, there's a good chance you brought him with you even before you knew you'd run into this radiation "problem." So ... just have him do it?
  5. Call Of Duty Supports Team Killing And Burning Men Alive
    Executing a man is a pretty extreme way to maintain your cover, but it sets off the chain of events that leads to you saving a hacker lady who is necessary to save the world. It might be the "right" thing to do, but shooting at Menendez leads to certain doom for everyone. But all this is irrelevant since Black Ops II has only one true ending -- the one where Menendez and the sidekick from Black Ops become best friends and, without explanation, go on tour with the band Avenged Sevenfold.