Even if the Cubs make 2015 "THE YEAR", a universe where Marty McFly is real would be a real nightmare for us all.
  1. Hoverboards don't work!
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    We’ve seen the real-life version. And it turns out a board without fixed wheels is so hard to control, even TONY HAWK falls off of it: http://goo.gl/yarXxl
  2. Time travel ruins families!
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    In the movies Marty McFly goes back in time, helps his parents get together, invents rock and roll...and everyone promptly forgets he was ever there the minute he leaves? His parents would clearly decide he's Satan: http://goo.gl/y2XN
  3. Time travelers can't eat!
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    Thanks to the body-pampering magic of decent food safety, should you eat or drink anything made prior to the publication of Upton Sinclair's ‘The Jungle’, your less-than-ironclad digestive system will tear itself apart like the flight crew in ‘Event Horizon’: http://goo.gl/0IUT
  4. Time still confuses us all!
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    For instance brain scans tell us that there’s a possibility none of us actually live in the present. And that’s WITHOUT funky time travel nonsense screwing up our sense of reality: http://goo.gl/tWJx4
  5. Time-vanishing goes unnoticed!
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    Back to the Future's way of handling “the grandfather paradox” is translucent photography. The universe doesn't implode, or unravel. You just tragically vanish, unknown and unmourned: http://goo.gl/yaEdn2