Whenever a character in a movie gets stabbed with a sword or garroted with a live cobra, we all know what to expect. We, as an audience, are jaded. We've seen it all before; we can practically tie a snake-noose in our sleep. But that doesn't mean the reality looks anything like the movies. For example... (For Full Article) http://goo.gl/hgh3jC
  1. You Can't Sink In Lava
    Surprisingly, lava is really fucking hot. We're looking at temperatures ranging from 1,295 degrees F to 2,282 degrees F when it first breaks the surface. A bed of lava is a giant liquid crematorium that is unlikely to gulp you down, if only because you'll burn to death first.
  2. Suffocating Someone Takes Forever
    Suffocating a person is a lengthy, arduous process. It's the "doing your taxes" of murder. The point where the movies tend to call it a kill -- right as the victim goes limp -- is only just the start. In reality, going all noodly only indicates that the victim has passed out, and if the killer stops suffocating the victim then, they're in for a surprise: The body automatically restarts breathing as a reflex.
  3. Sharks Don't Really Want To Eat People
    Although sharks may seem like malevolent kill machines, they're actually super shy and mostly just confused about us, a creepy alien species from the great waterless void above. Sharks almost never actively go after humans. In fact, the most common cause for shark attacks is people provoking the shark. They'll try to pet or otherwise interact with them, because we guess they haven't seen Jaws enough times. It's probably on TBS right now, guys. Check it out.
  4. Grenades Don't Mean Instant Death
    The anatomy of a frag grenade is simple: an explosive core wrapped in brittle material. When the core goes off, it will fling said material in every direction. At a close distance, they're fatal. However, their main use is simply to cause mayhem by hurling fragments far beyond the killing radius. This ability to wound the enemy creates a strategic advantage: Suddenly having to take care of a wounded soldier or two burdens the uninjured a whole lot more than blowing said soldiers to smithereens.
  5. It's Nearly Impossible To Drown In Quicksand
    Like lava, quicksand is far denser than the human body, so while it might pull you in waist-deep, there's no way for it to suck you in all the way. Researchers have found it strangely difficult to recruit volunteers for their "Hey, try to drown in this quicksand" experiments, but the classic movie-style sinking scenario has been simulated by throwing beads with the same density as the human body in facsimile quicksand. They never dipped more than halfway.