Great Scott! Look what's under your flux capacitor tree...
  1. A new After Hours!
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    In which we realize Marty McFly destroyed music, and Doc Brown committed even more unspeakable crimes:
  2. Tips on eras to avoid!
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    Don’t take your DeLorean to the eye-gouging antebellum South, the fake-cop-molestation land that was London, or any period when hospitals were basically frat houses:
  3. Time travel health advice!
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    Other than the mass-based time travel THAT ALREADY HAPPENS TO YOU, actually throwing yourself through time and space would wreck your body and mind:
  4. Why time travel sucks for women!
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    Imagine the reasons this era sucks for women, multiplied exponentially and horribly:
  5. 'BTTF' merch that should not be!
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    Thanks a lot, The '80s:
  6. Creepy details about the movies you never noticed!
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    We might've watched them a little obsessively: