Don't get John Cheese wrong here. He's never worked in the industry. But he does know what made him start watching wrestling, what made him continue watching wrestling, and what eventually made him say "Fuck wrestling." And he knows a whole titload of people who feel the same way:
  1. No creative department.
    “In the Attitude Era, every major character had a storyline. Stone Cold was fighting back against a corrupt boss, The Undertaker had a dark secret, Mick Foley developed split personalities and became Vince McMahon’s pawn. … I can't remember the last good storyline in the modern era of wrestling. They set up a match between The Rock and John Cena one year in advance, based entirely on the storyline ‘John Cena talked shit about me.’”
  2. No more suspense.
    "In 1999 (when the WWE hit their highest ratings), the Monday Night War forced both companies to constantly surprise their audiences. The easiest way to accomplish that was by throwing away the old pay-per-view payoff format and make new champions on the totally free TV show. That year, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship changed hands 12 times. Six of those times happened on regular TV. ... In 2015, the title changed hands four times, and only once on regular TV."
  3. WWE ignores its Divas.
    "Back in the Attitude Era, women were much more utilized. Everyone had a role, and you could clearly tell who was a heel and who was a face. When Lita stepped onto the entrance ramp, I knew who she was feuding with. Her wins and losses meant something because she was a fleshed-out character with a purpose ... and so were her opponents. ... Today, I could name maybe four Divas, and two of those are twins."
  4. Modern wrestlers don't understand the heel/face dichotomy.
    "Very few people are able to flip from villain to hero without seeming like a hack flashing a fake gas station manager's smile. ... And people who want to see John Cena turn heel aren't just saying it because they're sick of him playing Superman. That's a big factor, but it's not the whole reason. A huge part of their argument is that they know what happens when you take a stale, played-out babyface and inject him with ruthless brutality and anger: He becomes unpredictable, i.e. INTERESTING."
  5. Vince McMahon no longer understands the audience.
    "Several performers, including HHH, have said in multiple interviews that Vince hit a breaking point and just gave the green light for wrestlers to be themselves and do what they wanted. Vince didn't create The Rock. Dwayne Johnson did. Steve Williams created Stone Cold. Paul Levesque created HHH. And it's that way across the board. Why don't modern wrestlers take those risks? The sad answer is that it's pretty fucking easy to get shitcanned now."