There are very few music acts in this world that you could honestly say have been consistently great for their entire career. Yes, they may have had great albums or even a long stretch of them, but over time, the magic inevitably starts to wane and great bands slowly become just decent. Here are some tiny fixes ...
  1. The Foo Fighters Should Be A Trio
    I don't know how, but the Foo Fighters have to be the only band on Earth that manages to sound more like stadium rock every time they add a guitar player from a punk band.
  2. Prince Needs A Boss
    You're just going to have to believe me when I say that Prince made way better decisions, at least in terms of what music he releases, when he had a team of evil corporate music executives pressuring him to make hits.
  3. Metallica Should Stop Listening To Their Fans
    Those fans were right, of course, but so what? Bands change and evolve and, ideally, get better. Even if that wasn't the most musically satisfying period of their career, at least it was a sign that an incredibly talented group of musicians was willing to try something new. I imagine the only thing more boring than playing music that all sounds exactly the same for the entirety of a career is listening to music that all sounds exactly the same for your entire life.
  4. Linkin Park Should Be An Instrumental-Only Band
    Remember that time they recorded a mashup album with Jay Z? The songs that feature him rapping over their instrumentals are amazing ... right up until the point where Chester Bennington starts screeching about his parents or girlfriend or whatever the fuck.
  5. No New Artists On Dr. Dre Albums
    Dr. Dre is a busy guy, what with dedicating so much of his time to swindling the headphone industry over the past few years. So, when you see an unknown name on one of his albums, you know to not get emotionally attached, because the chances of that artist ever building any career of any sort are slim to none. They're mostly just good for cockblocking your quality time with Dre and Snoop.