The meek may truly "inherit the Earth", in the sense that animals us humans bossed around for centuries are now ready to take their revenge...
  1. Orangutans
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    They’re teaching themselves to spearfish, and they’re already better at it than we ever were:
  2. Crows
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    Only those dark winged criminals know why, but they’re intentionally destroying the power grid in Kagoshima, Japan. The mayhem got so out of hand the city had to shut down its bullet train:
  3. Elephants
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    Can terrifying elephant armies be far from happening? Because by manipulating their vocal cords much the same way we do, elephants are able to communicate via a rumbly infrasonic murmur at a pitch far lower than anything our pitiful human ears could ever pick up. Other elephants can hear it perfectly, including ones that live, oh, 20 MILES AWAY:
  4. Baboons
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    “Fred” is the leader of a vicious all-baboon gang in Cape Town, South Africa. How vicious? They taught themselves TO STEAL CARS:
  5. Everything Cute Ever
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    For every sweet little gerbil or lamb you’re used to, there’s a giant demonic upgrade out there you’ve never heard of: