While massive natural disasters tend to come in waves (literally if it's a tsunami), scientists say many are way overdue for disastrous new sequels. For example ... (click for full article) goo.gl/yTgmbz
  1. The "Worst Natural Disaster In The History Of North America" Has A One-In-Three Chance Of Happening
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    The Pacific Northwest is all but due for a massive earthquake, and it couldn't be more terrifying. When the next one happens, at roughly around a 9.0 (re: very bad) on the Richter scale, cities like Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland are in for what's been described as the worst natural disaster in the history of North America. FEMA projects 13,000 dying, one million homeless, and 2.5 million needing food. Or roughly five to six Katrinas. And that's not even counting Canada.
  2. San Francisco's Hayward Fault Gets An Earthquake Every 140 Years ... And It's Been 148 Since The Last One
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    It all comes down to something called the Hayward Fault. Going back to the first Hayward earthquake recorded, from 1315, it's been found that the average time between big shakeups is 140 years. Since the last big Hayward rumble was in 1868, that means we're eight years overdue for new one. Every year that passes means the chance for a gigantic earthquake only increases.
  3. The Southern U.S. Is Long Overdue For Massive Hurricanes
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    Somehow, the southern Georgia / northern Florida area has beaten the odds 92 times in a row and counting. In some cities, it's actually been more than a century without a significant hurricane touching down. As anyone who has won a roulette game over 100 times and decided to keep playing knows, this is tempting fate.
  4. Mumbai Is Going to Flood At Any Moment ... And No One Is Doing A Thing
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    By 2080, the city is going to be twice as vulnerable to catastrophic floods, and could be losing billions a year in repairs and rescue. And lives. It's gonna lose a shitload of human lives, too. A 2005 flood alone shut down the entire city, killed over 1,000 people, and destroyed over 14,000 homes. By next century, that's gonna be called "Tuesday."
  5. The New Madrid Fault May Take Out 150 Miles Of The Midwest
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    Unlike California, which has been super-prepared since the last major earthquake hit hard enough to delay the World Series, the New Madrid fault area has been sitting blissfully by. In case the "40 percent" statistic didn't bother you, this should: The New Madrid fault has an impact zone ten times as big as its more famous San Andreas cousin. With the right quake, that potentially means a world in which neither the St. Louis Arch nor Graceland Mansion exist.
  6. It's Only A Matter of Time Before Space Attacks Us Again
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    See those tiny bits? They all want to kill you. Inside this belt are around 100,000 50-mile-wide spheres of rock ice that are ready to bust out into the inner Solar System to hit some planets -- ours included. NASA tries to keep a solid list of what's coming right at good ol' Earth, but 100,000 at the same time on could be a bit daunting.