While you may chalk up these baffling moments to lazy filmmaking or some kind of gas leak in the theater, sometimes they have actual explanations -- and all you have to do is sift through multiple screenplay drafts, dull novelizations, and dozens of hours of bonus materials to find out what they are! (click for full article) http://goo.gl/g6J57D
  1. Jurassic World -- Why Is Claire Covered In Shit All Of A Sudden?
    The short answer is, they cut a scene. The longer answer is, they cut an insane, disgusting, tone-deaf callback to the original movie. In this deleted scene, Owen says they should mask their scent with dinosaur feces -- specifically her scent, because she's a woman and therefore heavily perfumed. Did we mention this movie was made in 2015?
  2. Spectre -- How Does A Ring Magically Reveal The Master Plot Of Every Bond Movie?
    If you look closely, you can see that Q's computer is pulling up toxicology reports from autopsies while simultaneously scrolling through the periodic table of elements. Which is a thing Sony computers do, apparently. You can just barely make out that the toxicology report from their autopsies all contained the super-rare substance that the ring is made of, confirming they were all members of Spectre.
  3. Terminator Genisys -- How Does The Timeline Become So Messed Up?
    According to them, the humanoid version of Skynet is from another timeline and is traveling between parallel universes like an evil Jerry O'Connell. This alternate Skynet has seen these events unfold over and over, so it messes with our timeline to try to create a future where the robots finally win for good.
  4. Avengers: Age Of Ultron -- What's The Deal With Thor's Magic Hot Tub?
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    Originally the scene was much longer, and the idea was that Thor would communicate with The Norns, the fates of Norse mythology who would speak through Thor -- probably because having Chris Hemsworth hop in a filthy pond was cheaper than hiring more union actors. That's why Thor needed a wingman, so someone could speak to The Norns on Thor's behalf and ask them what the hell was going on.
  5. Tomorrowland -- Why The Hell Is It Called Tomorrowland?
    Originally the parallel universe was going to have a direct link to Disneyland, with the Tomorrowland where you threw up as a child serving as a cover for the real Tomorrowland "in case anyone came snooping around." Not only that, but Walt Disney himself was going to be more of an intrinsic part of the story and be revealed as part of Plus Ultra, the secret society that created Tomorrowland, whose members also included Jules Verne and Thomas Edison.
  6. The Force Awakens -- A Lot Is Cleared Up In The Novelization
    Basically, Finn thinks she's a fucking idiot -- of course Luke Skywalker's famous; he blew up the damn Death Star! The problem is that this desert planet is a hive of space rednecks and space ignorance, and this poor girl has no space education whatsoever.