The problem arises when the Money Men (a species of parasitic squid that scurry around the bottom of large creative projects) sneak into the vat of movie-juice and take a big old steaming shit right in there. (click for full)
  1. Marvel Fought In A Court Of Law To Get Mutants Defined As Non-Human
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    Back in 1994, Marvel and Toy Biz went to court to argue that their X-Men action figures are non-human monsters rather than human dolls. Why? Because money, obviously: Imported human dolls were taxed slightly more non-human dolls. That's right: Our toy import laws are speciesist. Go make a Tumblr about it.
  2. The Real Jordan Belfort Hypes Himself In The Wolf Of Wall Street
    Even though this is a scene where a convicted con-artist promotes his newest real-life venture, I still get what Scorsese was going for. It's meant to make me uncomfortable by reminding me that Belfort's crimes were inadequately punished and there's always a new batch of suckers to be taken in by the goblins. But while the scene is telling me that, it is also advertising Belfort's real business, Straight Line.
  3. Mad Max: Fury Road Fucked Up A National Park
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    One of the hardest parts of filming Mad Max was finding a part of the world that looked as badass as what we see on-screen. Pretty much the only place that fit is the Namib Desert in Africa. It's a place between 50 million and 80 million years old and absolutely packed with rare cacti and endangered reptiles. Was, anyway, before George Miller and friends showed up and drove exploding trucks all over it.
  4. All Of The Hunger Games Marketing Tie-Ins Were Insane
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    Again, I get that tying a Dodge Charger and Challenger to a sci-fi movie set in a world without cars is hard, but it's like whoever put this together finished his "research" by remembering that he glimpsed a Catching Fire poster on the way into the office that morning. The narrator rambles about fire and sparks and then tells viewers that if they think the odds are in their favor, they should buy a Dodge.
  5. My Fair Lady Dubbed Over The Lead Actor's Voice
    Even though Hepburn was an actor, she wasn't a talented enough singer for the part -- even though she wanted to be. Though originally promised that she would sing every song, halfway through filming she was quietly informed that her singing voice would be replaced by the voice of singer Marni Nixon. Every account of My Fair Lady's behind-the-scenes mentions that Hepburn would spend hours on the sound stage after everyone else was done, trying to record her own version of the song.