If you're having a hard time with this whole living thing, then we're here to help. As it turns out, there's all sorts of ways you can manipulate your meat sack into doing your bidding. Our readers bring you the best hacks of life. Check out the full list by clicking on the link below
  1. Eye Strain
    We used this after creating so many macros.
  2. Lose an erection
    Works much better than the "run to the bathroom sobbing" method.
  3. Toothache
    For those without the luxury of dental insurance.
  4. Dealing With Pain
    Some of these will come naturally to you.
  5. Remembering The Days Of The Year
    Don't attempt while multiplying by 9.
  6. Stress
    Also great for remembering your pencil.
  7. Trouble Hearing
    To help you better decipher the drunken incoherent ramblings of your friends.
  8. Need to pee
    The inverse works as well... for most people.
  9. Getting a shot
    Coughing - the classy alternative to cursing at your doctor.
  10. Nausea
    Try this on motion sick friends and convince them you have Jedi level healing powers.