Conspiracy theories abound in the modern world, from the JFK assassination to the Moon landing. Most of the time, these theories are, to put it politely, Reptite-fucking crazy. But every once in a while, one comes along that seems dangerously plausible. Like ... (click for full)
  1. Donald Trump Is A Shill For The Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign
    It's no secret that The Donald isn't exactly your traditional conservative. In fact, until 2004, he was a registered Democrat, and he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. An attack ad from the Jeb Bush campaign in 2015 highlighted some of the disturbingly liberal views that Trump has held over the decades, including his claims of being vehemently pro-choice, in favor of tax increases for the rich, and again (we can't stress this enough), his glowing endorsement of Hillary Clinton.
  2. "New Coke" Was A Deliberate Failure Designed To Introduce Corn Syrup
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    There's actually plenty of evidence that HFCS doesn't taste the same as cane sugar. For example, there are people who will swear to you that Mexican Coke tastes better than American Coke, and will pay higher premiums to get it imported. Mexico's Coke bottlers are unique in the world in that they still use sugar rather than HFCS, due to Mexico's booming sugar industry.
  3. Paul Walker Was Murdered By A Corrupt Charity
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    The theory goes that Walker's assassination is connected to his association with a Philippines typhoon relief effort called Reach Out Worldwide. According to the story, Walker discovered an embezzlement scam linked to his charity, and the crooked officials rigged his car to explode so that he couldn't go to the media about it.
  4. The Elf On The Shelf Was Designed To Brainwash Kids Into Accepting An Orwellian Dystopia
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    Children whose homes have become infiltrated by the Elf On the Shelf are given a set of rules. Namely, they're not allowed to touch the Elf (lest he lose his magical power, which would bode very badly for the child's Naughty Score come Christmas Day), and they must accept that the Elf can be anywhere at any time and can always see what they're doing.
  5. The #ThrowbackThursday Hashtag Is An NSA Operation To Gather Your Personal Photographs
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    In 2010, the NSA started collecting photographs from emails, Skype, and social media in order to build a face database for their disturbingly Skynet-esque anti-terrorism computers. Curiously enough, #ThrowbackThursday became wildly popular on Instagram shortly afterward.