Hurry up and get a ticket for our Wednesday live show because it's about to sell out:
  1. You Get To Be Involved
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    Cracked's live podcasts involve audience participation! So you're one ticket away from getting to voice your opinions, however strange or doomsday-obsessed they may be, and having them immortalized forever in the annals of Internet audio.
  2. It's At UCB On Sunset
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    For those of you who don't know, @ucbcomedy is a historic theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Comedy legends like Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari have performed there, so it's a great honor for us to take the stage as well. Maybe you'll see a famous celebrity flee the theater amidst a cloud of paparazzi?
  3. Again, It's LIVE
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    You get to be privy to all the little secrets you wouldn't get from just listening to the podcast. Are we reading from notes, or do we blurt everything out as it comes? Does Jack O'Brien wear clothes while recording? Is Michael Swaim a real person or a stuffed body with a tape recorder playing select sound bites from Sesame Street? OTHER QUESTIONS?
  4. You Will Survive The Post-Apocalypse
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    It's worth repeating: We promise to get you through the apocalypse with the power of our wisdom. All you have to do is come hang out at a nice comedy theater on Wednesday.
  5. Like You Have Anything Better To Do On A Wednesday Night
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    Seriously, it's a Wednesday night at 7 p.m. There isn't even good TV on then. Step out of the house (or bunker, in which case this podcast is very much for you), and get yourself a little goddamn culture for once in your life.