Everyday Products That Almost Nobody Realizes Are A Scam

Here are six seemingly important products that have managed to stick around for decades despite the fact that we absolutely do not need them. (click for full) goo.gl/mL2H3a
  1. Pennies Won't Die Because The Zinc Industry Won't Let Them
    There's nothing you can buy with a penny -- not even, as retirethepenny.org points out, a penny (it costs 1.7 cents to make one). Try handing over a hundred or more pennies in a single transaction, and you'll receive a thousand death stares and a lifetime ban along with your goods. There simply isn't a use for this coinage anymore.
  2. Multivitamins Have No Business Being A Thing
    Megavitamins, despite their epic name, increase the risk of ill health, sometimes being linked to cancer and heart disease.
  3. Bottled Water Companies Created Their Own Monopoly By Pretending Tap Water Was Bad
    People eventually became so caught up in the fictional health risks of tap water that businesses and sports venues began removing water fountains (or allowing them to fall into disrepair) while they quietly made the switch to pricey bottled water.
  4. The Yellow Pages Industry Only Exists Because Everyone Is Too Lazy To Opt Out
    You might be wondering, "Who even uses the Yellow Pages anymore?" Well, nobody. However, whereas the previous industries we've discussed have all moved proverbial mountains to keep their pointless products on store shelves, the Yellow Pages don't have to. No, the only reason the Yellow Pages still exist is because you're a lazy asshole.
  5. The Army Only Buys Tanks Because People Would Lose Jobs Otherwise
    Times have changed, and with them, the art of warfare. We no longer trudge our soldiers over vast swaths of land in cramped, stinking tanks -- that privilege is reserved for A-list actors. Now the military has speedy jets and remote-controlled missiles -- high-tech tech tools which increase the speed and convenience of war. Yet the U.S. military continues to purchase tanks to the tune of $120 million per year, and they don't even want them.
  6. The Douching Industry Tricked Women Into Thinking They're Dirty
    The majority of douching products were mixtures of water and a natural cleaning agent like baking soda or vinegar (ouch), but others were nothing but water and the aforementioned hooha-destroying fragrances. In fact, frequent use of these products was believed to increase risk of ectopic pregnancy (a life-threatening situation wherein a fertilized egg remains in the Fallopian tube instead of moving into the uterus) and pelvic infections.