We mostly like businesses to stick to what they're good at. But there are some famous companies out there that took a leap into a wildly different industry ... and shattered both ankles once they slammed into the cold, hard ground of reality. (click for full) http://goo.gl/6o95qB
  1. Disney Has A Mad Science Division
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    Disney Research is taking the first steps toward building robots that look and act like people. Ostensibly, their mission is to develop things like robot butlers. Creepy humanoid robot butlers with the ability to learn, and presumably to seek vengeance as well.
  2. Hooters Started Its Own Airline
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    If you're wondering why you've never seen those garish orange planes or their tank-top-and-crotch-pocket-clad flight crew at your local airport, it's probably because Hooters Air lasted a mere three years before it was canned (pun enthusiastically, recklessly, and unrepentantly intended).
  3. All Sorts Of Unlikely Companies Have Manufactured Weapons
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    IBM, the computer company, went whole hog and started up a massive Tony-Stark-style weapons division. At the same time, Chrysler took a break from making cars, which are usually made specifically not to explode, and started putting their technological know-how into heading the United States missile program, building missiles and rockets.
  4. Baseball Card Companies Sold The DNA Of Dead Historical Figures
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    Around 2008, Upper Deck began including rare cards in their packs featuring genuine hair samples from dead historical figures, who ranged from "King George III to Marilyn Monroe." It's like something Willy Wonka would do in the early stages of Alzheimer's.
  5. Target Does Forensic Work For The Government
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    Target runs one of the top-rated forensic crime labs in America. It does kind of make sense -- Target originally set up its lab to help curtail petty thieves wantonly liberating them of their discount merchandise. Then Target forensics became so good at what they do that they now work as consultants for real law enforcement agencies.