Famous Characters You Didn't Know Were Meant To Die Horribly

Whether it's through persistence, greed, circumstance, or plain dumb luck, some iconic characters have managed to survive their own creators' best attempts to waste them. (click for full) http://goo.gl/N8rrTL
  1. As Far As Joss Whedon Is Concerned, The Avengers' Agent Coulson Is Still Dead
    What many don't know is that the people in charge of the Marvel TV spinoffs and the people who make the film franchises are not the same people -- they're two different divisions of a huge company, which is itself owned by an even huger company. You'll note, for instance, that Coulson hasn't turned up in any of the 58 or so Marvel films that have been made since The Avengers. According to Whedon, not only was Coulson supposed to stay dead, but in the universe of the films, he still is.
  2. J.J. Abrams Wanted Poe Dameron To Die At The Beginning Of The Force Awakens
    Remember when Poe's ship crashes into the desert and it looks like he died? Yeah, originally there was no "looks like" -- he flat-out got killed in the first act. Which makes sense when you remember that this movie was directed by J.J. Abrams, who's been wanting to pull this trick since the producers didn't let him kill Jack in the first episode of Lost. This is like if Han got killed in the cantina scene in the first Star Wars, or if Harry Potter started with Hermione suffocating.
  3. Pinocchio Was Originally Lynched, But The Editors Intervened
    Most incarnations of Pinocchio have him as an adorable wooden child who wants to be a real boy. But the original story was less Walt Disney and more Child's Play. The Adventures Of Pinocchio started as a magazine serial about a rampaging little shithead without a conscience. Literally, he had no conscience. Because he killed it (the original "Jiminy Cricket") with a hammer.
  4. Jurassic Park's Author Undid Ian Malcolm's Book Death Because Of The Movie
    Jeff Goldblum played the role in the film version with enough charm, humor, and nerdy sex appeal that he became a fan favorite. Meanwhile, Crichton, who had never written a sequel and had no intention to start doing so, found out that they were making a new Jurassic Park movie with or without him. So he gave in to the pressure and began to write a sequel to the novel.
  5. Shane Black Quit Lethal Weapon 2 Because He Wanted To Kill Riggs
    When the studio rejected the script, Black felt like a failure and quit the movie -- though he has since realized it was actually his best work. The script was rewritten and Riggs lived on to star in further sequels and remakes. Who would have guessed when we first saw Riggs with a gun in his mouth in 1987 that he'd even survive Mel Gibson's career?
  6. The Producers Tried To Kill Vin Diesel's xXx Character In A DVD Extra
    Something else that bombed? xXx: State Of The Union. Turns out the franchise ain't shit without Diesel, so they had to un-kill his character to keep the series going. We don't know what Diesel's exact conditions for coming back were, but it's probably not a coincidence that the third movie shares no producers with the first two except for Diesel himself.
  7. Stallone Was Determined To Kill Rocky Balboa In Rocky V, But The Suits Stepped In
    Two weeks into shooting, director John G. Avildsen got a call from the head of the studio telling him in no uncertain terms that Rocky Balboa was not going to die in this film -- because, in his words, "These people don't die." (Italians?) Unlike with Lethal Weapon, there were no plans for more sequels here. The studio just thought that Rocky dying was too damn depressing. Avildsen took their concerns/demands to Stallone, who finally wrote a new ending.