Movies are escapist fantasies, made to allow us a small window of relief from the harsh realities of life, such as bills, failed potential, and our crippling inability to make friends. Here's exactly how they're not restrained by the laws of nature, physics, or common sense: http://goo.gl/10KfhZ
  1. The Flash would kill everybody.
    The Flash moves at an average of 182 mph, which is way beyond what would be considered a safe speed for an object to collide with a human being. Getting scooped up by a man moving that speed would result in spectacularly fatal injuries, leaving ol' Barry Allen with a whole lot of 'splaining to do.
  2. Kevin McAllister: also a murderer.
    According to Weill Cornell Medical College's Dr. Ryan St. Clair, the 'Home Alone' booby traps would have killed the Wet Bandits two or three times over. First of all, St. Clair assures us that taking a paint can to the front of the noggin from at least fifteen feet in the air is going to leave you with missing teeth and maybe a destroyed orbital socket. Also Kevin's blowtorch trap spits out flames reaching a lethal 3,000 degrees, and a literally red-hot doorknob would immolate Joe Pesci's hand.
  3. Pinocchio would self-decapitate.
    A neck can only take so much weight before it buckles under the strain. That's why humans don't have giant awesome horns. As a humanoid puppet, Pinocchio is no different. Taking into the account the wood type, exponential nose growth, and the amount of weight his neck can carry before his center of mass shifts to an impossible degree, Pinocchio's head would snap clean off after only thirteen lies.
  4. The 'Interstellar' black hole kills Matthew McConaughey instantly.
    Cooper's black hole (which, by the way, is way comelier than a real black hole) is surrounded by an accretion disk, a swirly collection of plasma, gas, and other fun particles that is somewhere in the realm of 65,000 degrees on the Kelvin scale, or roughly 11,6540 degrees Fahrenheit. For comparison, that is roughly 11 times hotter than the surface of the sun. Cooper is basically throwing himself into a spinning vortex of scalding gravity.
  5. Luke Skywalker still dies in that tauntaun.
    If the Tauntaun died of hypothermia itself, Luke is immediately screwed, because the animal's body would be as cold as his, and only getting colder thanks to the sweet embrace of death. And if Han allowed just one bit of the Tauntaun's innards to remain exposed after tucking Luke in there, then whatever body part is left hanging out will start cooling down the rest of Luke's body, still putting him at risk of hypothermia.