Click here for more ways everything that’s ever creeped you out is either a magic trick or a brain hiccup:
  1. Psychic detectives!
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    Being a psychic detective is in fact nothing more than making educated guesses and shrouding them in enough vague oracle-sounding bullshit. In several scientific studies to test the so-called abilities of psychic detectives, which generally pit a group of regular people against them in a psychic-off, regular Joes and supernatural seers perform the same -- almost as if they were all just making guesses based on the information given to them.
  2. Audio of ghosts!
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    Pareidolia refers to your brain's tendency to distinguish familiar patterns when none are actually present. And it’s how the creaks and wind-whistles of a supposedly haunted place become TOTALLY THE SOUND OF GHOSTS when you’re listening for them.
  3. Out-of-body experiences!
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    Swiss researchers have actually been able to replicate the out-of-body effect by stimulating the right angular gyrus, which, despite sounding like an invention from an episode of DuckTales, is actually the area of the brain that's responsible for creating the mind's representation of oneself.
  4. Near-death experiences!
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    simply believing that you are near death can be enough to trigger all the symptoms of a traditional NDE. Other things that may trigger a "near death experience" include depression, isolation, meditation, or a traumatic life event, such as the death of someone close to you (in which case, we suppose the "near death" refers to your relative proximity to death).
  5. Haunted houses!
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    Ever notice how shiny new buildings don't seem to have ghost troubles? Well, those moldy old buildings often have literal mold in them, and when you look at the health effects of toxic molds, you find things like hallucinations, anxiety, confusion and "brain fog." What you thought was a restless spirit was merely a fungus that's slowly eating your brain tissue.