Imagine Darth Vader snarling "Luke, I'm your father." Or picture Captain Kirk saying "Beam me up, Scotty." Some pop culture moments are so iconic that they've been burned into our nerd brains forever. Except that neither of those things ever happened. And there's more ... (click for full)
  1. Jerry Seinfeld Never Started A Joke With "What's The Deal With ___?"
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    In his nearly 40 years of standup, Seinfeld has never started a joke with "What's the deal with ___?" So why can you picture it so clearly? There's good reason for the confusion. Seinfeld did say those words, but as a parody of bad observational comedy. He first uttered the infamous phrase on Saturday Night Live in 1992.
  2. The Comedian Sinbad Never Played A Genie
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    Sinbad is best remembered for his breakout appearance on Star Search, those commercials where he played a sassy latex condom, and of course, that classic movie where he played a genie. Except he never actually played a genie. When asked about his nonexistent genie role during a Reddit AMA, Sinbad answered: "It was SHAQ SHAQ SHAQ. But we all look alike."
  3. Curious George Never Had A Tail
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    Virtually every single species of monkey has a tail, while apes do not. Yet the tailless George has been repeatedly called a monkey by several reputable sources, including the theme song of his 1980s TV show, and his creators, who referred to him as a "little monkey." So if he's a monkey, why no tail? Did he lose it while dog-fighting? Catch it in a revolving door? Chew it off after the Man in the Yellow Hat finally caught him in one of his many snares?
  4. Ricky Ricardo Never Said "Luuuucy, You Got Some Splainin' To Do!"
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    Every episode followed roughly the same formula: Lucy schemes to get into her husband's act, her plan backfires, and the exasperated Ricky says his classic catchphrase: "Luuuucy! You got some splainin' to do!" A line that was never spoken by the character. It's been referenced by sketches, song parodies, websites and so on. Most place the blame on a journalist who misquoted Ricardo early in the show's run. Reruns weren't really a thing in the 1950s, making it difficult to fact-check the line.
  5. Lassie Never Once Rescued Timmy From A Well
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    In all 571 episodes of Lassie, Timmy never, ever fell in a well. Don't get us wrong; that idiot tripped into literally everything else -- abandoned mines, a badger hole, quicksand, love -- but never a well. The whole bit, as well as the concerned authority figures who could suddenly interpret dog, all came from later parodies.