Let's take a look at a few more films which seem to end happily, but only because the cameras cut away right before the whole cast was devoured by the Old Ones. (click for full) goo.gl/oCdkLg
  1. The Gaping Hole In The Ocean In Independence Day: Resurgence Will Kill Everything
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    Unfortunately, there's still a giant hole in the Atlantic Ocean, leading right down to the Earth's nougat center.
  2. Most Everybody Who Used The Memory Wipe Technology In Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Will Go Insane
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    We saw how three people reacted to the realization that they'd been mind-wiped. Two reluctantly gave love another chance, while one doomed an entire company as well as her career. That's a "flip the hell out" rate of 33 percent. At best.
  3. The Protagonist of Nebraska Is About To Be Sued Into The Dirt For Money He Doesn't Have
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    Ed threatens Woody with legal action. The only thing stopping him before was the knowledge that Woody was a broke-ass sucka, and it's rarely worth it to sue for Ramen packets. Now Ed thinks the guy is loaded, so why wouldn't he sue him? At the very least for that nice, brand-new truck ...
  4. The City of Philadelphia Is About To Stomp On The Solitano Family From Silver Linings Playbook
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    It's only a matter of time before the Eagles lose yet another big football game, sending the Solitano family back into financial and psychological ruin. Only it's worse now, because Pat Sr. and half his family will likely blame Tiffany for this inevitable defeat. See, this is why competitive gamblers should seek professional help instead of trusting in "love."