So many characters mashed out a final text before meeting their end, and even though the cell reception isn't too great up in space, we managed to capture all of them. Click on the link for even more:
  1. Princess Leia
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    (Star Wars)
  2. Hive Queen
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    (Ender's Game)
  3. Officer Anne Lewis
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  4. Arnold Toht
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    (Indiana Jones)
  5. Scorpion
    851d9d37 562f 4ed9 8e90 8a1d2c62781d
    (Mortal Kombat)
  6. Tracy Mills
    51160bef 4a2a 49d0 84f5 7ffca6b4ceb4
  7. Hans
    2a155541 d1f4 42fc a2c0 89a2407fd429
    (Indiana Jones)
  8. Ray Brower's Mom
    E38dc17e 9e65 46a5 8632 82c30b316716
    (Stand By Me)
  9. IG-88
    56d35c9b ab65 4bd0 ac92 d67f51656580
    (Star Wars)
  10. Johnny
    2d227816 0075 4d29 949a 33b19f977ddc
    (The Sopranos)