Anyone who's bothered by the show should avoid reading the books, because George R. R. Martin wrote a whole mess of scenes that could never be put on a screen without triggering mass boycotts. Or doubling the ratings. The point is ...
  1. Women Somehow Get Treated Even Worse In The Books
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    Like in the show, Bronn gets to marry Lollys in exchange for not backing Tyrion in his trial. But unlike in the show, Cersei is only willing to let Bronn marry a highborn lady because Lollys was "ruined" when she was raped "half a hundred times" and impregnated during a riot.
  2. A Villain Gets Slowly Fed Pieces Of His Own Body
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    The Mountain cuts off bits and pieces of Hoat one by one to mimic the way Hoat tortured his captives, then cooks and feeds the flesh to his prisoners while telling them that it's roast goat. He starts by removing Hoat's hands and feet, and has him carefully patched up after every bit gets cut off of him so that the torture can be prolonged. He then moves on to the arms and legs, and feeds Hoat some of himself to keep him alive.
  3. A Wildling Controls Animals, Uses Them For Rape And Murder
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    Varamyr is basically the closest Westeros has to a furry, if that furry made America's Most Wanted for being a career criminal. He controls three wolves, a bear, and the fantasy equivalent of a big ol' mountain lion, and he used the giant cat to coerce women into having sex with him.
  4. Joffrey Mutilates Kittens, Has An Even Worse Death
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    A young Joffrey was told that the cat who lived in the castle kitchen was pregnant. This was supposed to get him excited for the prospect of owning a kitten, but, wanting to see if this fantastical claim could possibly be true, he expedited the process by cutting the cat's stomach open and extracting the fetal kittens. Then he showed the kittens to his dad, because he was seriously desperate for some fatherly approval, and Robert responded by punching him nearly to death.
  5. Bran Takes Hodor's Mind By Force ... Over And Over
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    Bran describes the big man as "whimpering" and "curling up and hiding" when Bran wargs, and when it's over, Hodor acts "like a dog who has had all the fight whipped out of him." That's generally a sign that you should find a new hobby, but Bran keeps it up until Hodor stops fighting and lets it happen to him. Notice how you could put those words into a different context and you'd have a pretty on-point description of, say, child sexual abuse.