Old, faithful cliches have been overtaken by internet-age updates, which goes a long way toward explaining the appearance of some pretty strange new niches.(click for full) goo.gl/KyGQ4i
  1. In Gamer Porn, Porn Stars Have Sex With Completely Disinterested Gamers
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    The stereotype holds that being around or inside attractive people is a rare thing for a gamer -- like eating non-microwaved food or getting a tan. A healthy interest in pornography has always been a badly kept secret in this culture, and it was only a matter of time before porn decided to aggressively cater to one of their core demographics. Part of the pleasure in watching these people-on-gamer videos seems to be to hear and recognize your favorite games over the actual sex.
  2. Hoverboard And Vape Porn Are Both Things
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    Proving that the only thing that's hotter than hoverboarding is hoverboarding with an STI, Brazzers (the most famous company everyone pretends to have never heard of) released The Future Of Fucking. However, instead of a highbrow discussion on how romance, love, and sex intersect with modern technology, it's two people giving each other the future-business whilst gliding around a room cleared of any breakable furniture.
  3. Real Estate Agents Are The New Pizza Delivery Guys
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    Seemingly out of the blue, there now exists a booming market for real-estate-themed porn wherein renters and buyers shack up with landlords and agents whilst discussing whether there are any exposed pipes in the property (and if they'd like some). In less than a year, PropertySex.com, the leading housing market porn site, has amassed over 300 million views and a legion of fans.
  4. ideo Game Porn Is Now Easier (And More Graphic) Than Ever
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    Thanks to crowdfunding campaigns and a growing community of hardcore fans with hardcore needs, all that's required to make some high-end video game porn nowadays is someone who's computer-savvy and enjoys nudity.
  5. There's A Shitload of Cats In Amateur Porn
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    Even though these cats are never more than innocent bystanders, they can quickly become the center of attention. If the comment section of this video is anything to go by, the lady who's about to take off her dress and disappoint her parents is no match for the cat in the background casually stretching on its way to the litter box. As soon as that cat walked in, the erotic striptease became incidental.