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  1. "Leatherface" was worse IRL.
    The 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' character who wore a mask of human skin was inspired by 1950s killer Ed Gein, who turned his female victims' skin into masks, leggings, a belt, a lampshade, bowls, and a corset.
  2. 'Final Destination' is real.
    Sports broadcaster Jessica Redfield walked out of Toronto's Eaton Centre seconds before a deadly shooting happened there, just because she had an odd feeling about the place. One month later, she met her demise in the Aurora, CO 'Dark Knight Rises' shooting.
  3. You can Hannibal Lecter a head.
    A craniectomy involves the permanent removal of a portion of the skull in order to allow the swelling of the brain if the bone flap cannot be replaced.
  4. Real-life slashing is even bloodier.
    In real life, the severing of an artery is even more dramatic than it is in the movies. Bright red blood pulses out of the wound with each heartbeat and can spurt as far as 15 feet.
  5. That 'Cabin Fever' shaving scene can really happen.
    Eli Roth really was shaving only to realize he was shaving his skin off, due to an infection he caught in Iceland. (Unlike Marcy in the movie, who was shaving her legs, Roth was shaving his face.)