These vacations should be packaged with hotel, travel, and tombstone...
  1. The Boiling Lake - Dominca
    The Boiling Lake sits at 197 degrees Fahrenheit. Take a dip and get that once in a lifetime experience of being a poached egg:
  2. Ilha de Queimada Grande A.K.A. Snake Island - Brazil
    Do you love snakes? We hope so, because you'll encounter 5 snakes per square meter at this scenic little island:
  3. Oymyakon - Siberia
    Bring a jacket to Oymyakon where temperatures reach -71.2 degrees (Celsius), or -96.2 degrees (Fahrenheit), or -WhatTheHell degrees:
  4. High Explosives Summer Camp
    While you're away touring the most dangerous places on earth, send your children to a camp where they'll roast marshmallows with C4:
  5. Caracas - Venezuela
    Regarded as the most dangerous city in the world, this is a great spot to rejuvenate a rocky relationship. If things don't work out, your partner will most likely get kidnapped anyway: