Every point in history features its own set of high-profile problems that it seemed like society spent an entire decade or more battling until, one day, we got that shit under control. Except sometimes, those problems don't actually go away; we just stop talking about them as much for some reason. Like ... (click for full) http://goo.gl/IiLSX7
  1. Blood Diamonds
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    Basically, any diamond that isn't used to fund the rebel side of an armed conflict is considered clean. In other words, if you're the head of a brutal African dictatorship and you want to fund your atrocities through the diamond trade, that's perfectly fine. The aforementioned Global Witness pulled out of the Kimberley Process after the decision was made to certify diamonds from the Marange region of Zimbabwe, recently the scene of mass killings by the national army, as conflict-free.
  2. Asbestos
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    Canada is just one of a handful of countries that kept using asbestos well after most of the world had caught on to its hazards. Some of the others include Brazil, India, and Russia. You'll note those are all places with massive populations, which should be all the explanation you need as to why asbestos still kills more than 100,000 people globally each year.
  3. The Hole In The Ozone Layer
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    The damage we inflicted that caused the hole in the ozone layer happened mostly in the span of about 10 years. Just because it's closing now doesn't mean we won't do something stupid in the very near future that blows it wide open again.
  4. The Cold War
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    I'm talking, of course, about Vladimir Putin. Have our relations with Russia felt warm since he took over? Sure, we all loved when he stole New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring, but that was an isolated incident. For the most part, he's done nothing but antagonize the United States, going so far as maybe intervening in our presidential election in a way that could help get Trump elected. That's about as close to a declaration of war as you can get without engaging in combat.
  5. Indentured Servitude
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    There's this government program called the J-1 Visa program, and it's meant to provide overseas students with the chance to come work in America for a spell while soaking up some of our sweet-ass culture at the same time. nfortunately, what it's turned into is a means for unscrupulous employers to exploit foreign workers for cheap labor.