Hollywood is basically a staring contest between folks who try to break the mold and the guys who built that mold in the first place. So it should come as little surprise that many of the iconic characters you know and love are the result of actors stepping up and refusing to blink. Like ... (Click for full article) http://goo.gl/k1mCbA
  1. The Producers Feared Johnny Depp's Performance In Pirates Of The Caribbean Would Kill The Movie
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    Depp has revealed in interviews that he was frequently asked "What the fuck are you doing?" by Disney higher-ups, and that at one point they even discussed putting subtitles under him. An Oscar nomination and the approximate GDP of a large country in box office dollars later, the producers were left wiping the egg off their faces with hundred-dollar bills.
  2. Nobody Wanted Al Pacino To Star In The Godfather
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    Even the film's director, Francis Ford Coppola, was disenchanted with Pacino's meek performance, pulling him aside to tell him, "I had a lot of belief in you, I hired you, I wanted you, I just thought you could do this thing, and now ... you're not cutting it for me, kid." He then forced Pacino to watch the footage to see exactly how bad a job he was doing. Pacino, who thought he was doing fine, humored Coppola and pretended to see the error of his ways.
  3. Lauren Bacall's Iconic Role In The Big Sleep Came At The Expense Of Her Co-Stars
    The Big Sleep is one of the most iconic movies in history. It put film noir on the map, and Lauren Bacall's role essentially invented the cinematic femme fatale. But when they finally saw the finished film, the producers thought Bacall stunk so badly that they panicked and forced director Howard Hawks to reshoot the entire movie. Luckily, Bacall's co-star Martha Vickers was so electric in all of her scenes that she made Bacall look like a Mr. Potato Head doll.
  4. Benicio Del Toro's Gibberish In The Usual Suspects Was Completely Ad-Libbed
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    Director Bryan Singer thought that Del Toro was fucking around at first, but eventually he approached him and awkwardly asked, "Is that the way you're going to do it? For the whole movie?" Which is exactly the kind of feedback every actor hopes to receive from a director on set. After confirming that Del Toro wasn't having a stroke or something, he decided to run with it and see what happened. But the other cast members were no less confused.
  5. Judy Garland Was Horribly Abused While Filming The Wizard Of Oz
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    Garland's co-stars didn't treat her any better, either. The actors who played the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Wizard refused to even talk to her between takes, insisting that they were serious actors and resented playing second fiddle to a woman. Even on screen, they would attempt to shove her to the back of the scene like a bunch of schoolyard bullies. Ironically, the only friend she made on set was Margaret Hamilton, who played the Wicked Witch.