Insane Movie Plots You Won't Believe Happened In Real Life

Some people get a little carried away and end up recreating entire crazy-ass schemes straight out of movies or TV shows -- only to be foiled by a little thing called "reality." For instance ... (click for full)
  1. A Drug Dealer Goes Full Scooby-Doo Villain, But His Rubber Mask Doesn't Fool The Police
    A man indicted on drug trafficking charges, Shizz Miller (who was presumably arrested for drug trafficking after police simply rounded up everyone named "Shizz"), was cornered by police at his residence. Since building a jetpack and flying away would have been too expensive, Shizz did the next-best thing: He slapped on an old man mask and strolled past the cops, barely stopping short of offering them hard candy and complaining about ethnic teenagers.
  2. A Father Stages An Arrested Development-Style Ruse To Teach His Kids A Lesson, And The Kids Jump Out A Window
    A real-life dad seemingly took a page out of the George Bluth book of parental responsibility and orchestrated an elaborate con to teach his kids a lesson about stranger danger. He hired a buddy of his to show up at their house when he knew that his 14- and 16-year-old sons would be alone. They let the stranger into the house -- at which point, you would assume the dad would pop out of the bushes and just explain the heartfelt lesson. That's not what happened.
  3. A Guy Tries Seinfeld's Cross-State Bottle Deposit Scam, Is Promptly Pulled Over And Arrested
    Despite the fact that all of Kramer's plans inevitably fail, Michigan resident Brian Everidge decided it would be a good idea to undertake the "Michigan Bottle Deposit Scam" made famous by the show. When Everidge tried the scam, he was pulled over for speeding outside of Detroit,at which point the cop noticed that his budget rent-a-truck was full of more empty cans than the morning after a Canadian frat party. It was pretty goddamn obvious that the cans were being used for something suspicious.
  4. A Real-Life Ferris Bueller Hack Is Immediately Traced And The Hacker Caught
    At one point in the movie, Ferris uses his computer to hack into the school records and change his troubling number of absences from nine to two -- because in the '80s, computers were essentially magic. Of course, the teen hacker didn't alter his absences. He went a few steps further, giving himself better grades. Unfortunately for the would-be Bueller, the school did what Rooney should have done like eight minutes into the movie: They called the police.
  5. The Villainous Coach's Scheme From The Mighty Ducks Simply Led To Disqualification
    An Illinois little league baseball team allegedly concocted a similar plan to that of the Ducks' rivals, but to even greater extremes, presenting fake address forms and "fraudulent maps" to the league. The cunning scheme could only be discovered if you had the technology and know-how necessary to Google the players' names and see that their hometowns were outside Chicago. The team was then disqualified and stripped of its championship.
  6. A Man Tries To Recreate Up's Balloon Trip, Has To Jump Down And Gets Arrested
    But while Carl from Up's plan went rather smoothly, this guy's balloon ride was a failure on almost every level. The plan was to skydive off the chair and into the Calgary Stampede (a big rodeo) with a banner for his cleaning business. Instead, he "was forced to somersault out of the chair, plunge several thousand feet to the earth, and make an emergency landing, in prickly bushes," whereupon he injured his foot. Oh, and he was fucking arrested.