It was much more than a time of artists we eventually named mutant turtles after.
  1. Michelangelo's 'David' is terrified.
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    His very nervous expression is only visible from directly in front of him and from above him (and the average viewer will never know):
  2. The Sistine Chapel makes God a brain.
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    Michelangelo strikes again! In 'The Creation of Adam', It turns out that the figures of God, His angels and even the soon-to-be-created Eve under His arm form a nearly perfect cross-section of the human brain:
  3. Da Vinci took a secret selfie.
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    In 2009, the art world collectively lost its shit when a potential da Vinci self-portrait was discovered. It was hidden within one of his many scientific papers, a treatise on flight and general ornithology called "Codex on the Flight of Birds." The portrait was so cleverly hidden that it had gone unnoticed for 500 years:
  4. Raphael hid a future-building in a painting.
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    While working on 'The School of Athens', Raphael had his friend Donato Bramante design "the architecture" for the fresco. Sure enough, Bramante's contribution was a carbon copy of the floor plans for the new St. Peter's Basilica he was working on just down the street. The School of Athens wound up offering a ground-level glimpse at the completed work more than a century before it would be finished:
  5. Renaissance painters depicted UFOs.
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    For instance in 'The Madonna with Saint Giovaninno', where it's clear as day behind Mary: