Loopholes are like buttholes -- everyone is pretty well aware that they exist, and some people don't use them often enough (and some people use them a little bit too excessively). Here are some schemes that, like your butthole, you can use everyday.(Link for full article)http://goo.gl/oKr4R8
  1. Mind-Blowing Loopholes You Had No Idea Existed
    In 2013, that YouTube video of a guy ordering a 40-shot espresso went viral. The total cost of the drink was $47.30, because it also included bananas, strawberry, matcha powder, and pumpkin spice. If you think that sounds absolutely disgusting, you are not alone. Andrew knew there must be a way to get an even more expensive but still tolerable drink.
  2. There Are "Bridge Parties" In Austin (Thanks To A Legal Drinking Loophole)
    Some folks realized that, while smoking and drinking in public are both totally illegal in the city, for some reason, they were okay as long as you were over the Colorado River (no, not that one; the other one), which runs through downtown. Now, you could go to the trouble of renting a hot air balloon or helicopter and just try to hover, or you could take the easy way out and walk onto the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge.
  3. A Mississippi Sex Ed Law Says Nothing About Socks
    First, make sure to unroll the sock the whole way, and get it as far up your calf as possible. Be sure to pinch the tip, since you wouldn't want it to be too tight around your toes; the sock could get a hole in it that way. When taking off your shoe, hold the top of the sock so that it doesn't slide off. And of course, absolutely always put on a sock if you are going to wear shoes. Go even one time without, and you could get athlete's foot or a blister. Or many blisters.
  4. A Brewery Legally Sells Beer By Also Selling $15 Hot Pockets
    The owners figured out that no one actually had to order the food, and the options didn't have to be Gordon Ramsay-mazing. As long as they offered something that someone could theoretically order at some point, they could serve as much beer as they wanted.
  5. You Can Buy Illegal Fireworks In Florida For "Agricultural Purposes"
    When buying fireworks, people have to sign a form stating that they are planning on using them on their farm. But since no one ever follows up and the form isn't legally binding, people LIE. It's scandalous, we know. Take a minute to recover from the shock. Then head to Panama City Beach and enjoy the firework displays -- probably the only nice thing about Florida.