CBS announced a new 'Trek' TV series launching in 2017. Which is long as they read this list really carefully.
  1. A laborious origin story.
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    Somehow the people behind the ‘Star Trek’ movie reboot decided they needed a long explanation of where every crew member came from, even though the actual TV show never bothered:
  2. Trying to be ‘Star Wars’.
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    Epic, timeless mythology is fun. It’s also Luke Skywalker’s gig. If a new ‘Trek’ show happens, and gets to use episodic storytelling, it should stick to the science-y social commentary via warp drive the series does best:
  3. Tormenting the cast.
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    It happened on ‘Next Gen’ week in week out, behind the scenes, where Gene Roddenberry tried to eliminate the basic concept of drama and the actors were forced to wear skintight B.O. generators:
  4. Throwing in weird agendas.
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    The Prime Directive is as concrete as a Starfleet mission needs to be goals-wise. That made the 9/11 Trutherism plot worked into ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ by co-writer Roberto Orci particularly jarring:
  5. Not thinking through the whole “utopian” thing.
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    How many egalitarian utopias have people standing to attention and shouting "Yes sir!" and doing things they disagree with because they were only obeying orders? Somehow that flies in the Federation, and a new series could finally address it: