On-Set Mistakes That Led To The Greatest Movie Scenes Ever

Yes, believe it or not, sometimes Hollywood doesn't know what the fuck it's doing. And sometimes that works out for the best, like when ...(click for full) http://goo.gl/fFffmj
  1. The Star Wars Lightsaber Sound Was Discovered Thanks To A Broken Mic Cable
    You'd think the most ubiquitous sound effect in one of the greatest movies ever wouldn't have come from a dumb accident, but it did. According to Burtt, he was carrying a tape recorder with a "broken mic cable ... the shielding had come off of it." Luckily, instead of electrocuting himself (which would presumably have given him the power to read women's minds), he inadvertently stumbled upon the sound of your childhood.
  2. The Most Famous Line In Jaws Was A Running Joke That Made It Into The Movie
    According to co-writer Carl Gottlieb, the line came from a running joke amongst the crew. Apparently, the film's cheap-ass producers didn't hire a big enough boat to tow the giant barge full of lights, camera equipment, and craft services for filming at sea. So "You're gonna need a bigger boat" became a "catchphrase for anytime anything went wrong."
  3. The Iconic Scream Mask Was Randomly Found In Some Old Lady's House
    While the Ghostface mask has become iconic, it wasn't always a part of Scream. In fact, the screenplay only goes so far as to describe it as "a ghostly white mask," which could be anything from some Casper The Friendly Ghost merchandise to a rubber mask of deceased soul legend Barry White. This left the film's design team to try to create a mask for the killer, and most of what they came up with was objectively dumb as hell.
  4. The Ending Of The Graduate Happened Because The Director Forgot To Yell "Cut"
    The ambiguity and melancholy of the ending is what makes the movie, but it wasn't scripted that way. Originally, the film was going to end with the lovebirds holding hands, and the final shot was of a gang of irate wedding guests congregating outside the church, presumably while shaking their fists and vowing to get revenge on that meddling kid.
  5. The Beautiful Ending Of The Last Temptation Of Christ Was A Camera Fuck-Up
    One of the most memorable parts of Last Temptation is the ending, in which Christ's death is conveyed in a haunting final shot -- again reinforcing that this is the Jesus movie made by one of the greatest directors in history, and not the one from the star of What Women Want. After Jesus overcomes the temptation to live a mortal life, he finds himself (spoiler alert) nailed to a cross, and as he closes his eyes and fulfills his destiny, the image gives way to a flickering ethereal light.
  6. Modern Movie Violence Was Created By A Faulty Hose
    Kurosawa's original effect, though, was totally unintentional. There was supposed to be blood, yes, but not the ridiculous geyser that flooded out of the actor as if his armpit was the elevator at the Overlook Hotel. However, the compressor hose attached to the actor blew a coupling, and the blast was so crazy strong that it almost lifted him off the ground -- meaning Kurosawa revolutionized movie violence and nearly invented those stupid hydro jetpacks at the same time.