Plenty of your favorite movies, TV shows, and video games had mind-blowing connections to other franchises that you never even noticed. Like ... (Click For Full Article)
  1. Blade Runner Is Set In The Same Universe As Alien, Predator, Prometheus, And ... Star Trek?
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    Remember Soldier, the 1998 Kurt Russell space punch-fest no one remembers? Probably not. It's about a bunch of soldiers genetically engineered to be badasses, much like the replicants -- which is no coincidence, since it shares a screenwriter with Blade Runner, and he openly called Soldier a "side-quel" to that film.
  2. Adam Sandler's Films Co-Exist In A Hellish Nightmare Realm Ruled By A God-Like Adam Sandler
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    YouTuber Shawn Kohne carried out an extensive, sanity-shattering investigation to map out the full Sandler-verse, which spans all the way from his "eh, worth a rewatch on cable" films to his "oh dear Lord, how do I get through this" ones. For instance, a character called Ten-Second Tom (literally, a guy who can only remember things for ten seconds) shows up in both 50 First Dates and Blended, the two fantasy movies about how Sandler can land Drew Barrymore.
  3. Hannibal's Creator Brings His Other Shows' Peppy Characters Into The Darkest Show Just To Torture Them
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    One of the key characters in Hannibal is a woman named Miriam Regina Lass. George's little sister in Dead Like Me was named Regina Lass. We know this because Fuller himself pointed it out. He even made sure to get similar-looking actresses for the parts.
  4. Everyone In The Office Has A Doppelganger Across The Ocean Living Their Exact Life
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    Look at the first episode of each show: Both deal with a new intern coming into the office, Brent/Scott finding out downsizing will happen and fake-firing the receptionist, Tim/Jim flirting with Dawn/Pam, and finally putting all of the annoying underlings' things in Jell-O. Sorry, jelly.
  5. Carmen Sandiego Is The Keyser Soze Of Kids' Edutainment
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    The final game, The ClueFinders: Mystery Mansion Arcade, brought together the antagonists of all previous installments to get revenge on the four child protagonists. We know all good villains think they're doing the right thing, but, somewhere around the time you start "seeking revenge" on children, you have to admit your priorities are a bit skewed. You find out that the mysterious, Dr. Claw-esque mastermind behind the bad guys was Carmen Sandiego, who had never even been mentioned before.