People Who Are Only Famous Because We All Despise Them

Being a useless dickhead won't prevent you from being successful; just look at Piers Morgan. But it's more rare for someone to build an entire public persona around that douchebaggery. Because why, why, what possible purpose could that serve? The answer: getting famous. (click for full)
  1. Martin Shkreli Wants You To Think He's A Jerk
    If I were conspiratorially minded, I'd think that his entire public persona was set up by the pharmaceutical industry to make sure that we all remember this Daraprim scandal as the actions of a lone lunatic rather than using it to pry the broken pharmaceutical industry open and get a glimpse at the festering, pus-filled core of this throbbing abscess of an industry. But I'm not conspiratorially minded, so I just think Shkreli is kind of an insecure doofus who needs all the attention he can get.
  2. Kim Davis Is The Puppet Of A Psychopath
    Remember when she met with the pope and he gave her his popey seal of approval? Never happened. But what a lot of people don't realize is that not only was it Mat Staver and the Liberty Counsel that spread that rumor in the first place, but they doubled down later and said the pope was lying about not having met her. Which is a weird accusation to throw at a guy whose approval you're pretending to have.
  3. Milo Yiannopoulos Monetized Trolling
    The mark of a Milo Yiannopoulos article is that he makes statements that are exactly what angry, lonely people want to hear and are so factually wrong as to be irresistible to people who like to debunk stuff. You see those two steps in all his stuff: It sounds right to one group of people and is fun to disagree with to other groups of people. So he gets attention from hateful jerks on the political right and people on the political left who can't help but argue with hateful jerks.
  4. Trayvon Martin's Killer Can't Keep Out Of The News
    He auctioned off the gun used to kill Martin. In his description, he called the weapon an "American firearm icon," which is weird because I thought gun-rights activists fantasized about overthrowing tyrannical governments more than shooting kids in a panic. Again -- even his defense clarifies that killing Martin was a tragedy. What makes his gun "iconic"? Bill O'Reilly thinks Zimmerman's an asshole. Bill O'Reilly.