Unless we're talking about Waldo, it's generally not all fun and games when a person goes missing. But sometimes the circumstances surrounding their discovery are so absurd that their loved ones must surely share a haughty laugh afterwards. For example ... (click for full) http://goo.gl/jXbDSz
  1. A Missing Man Is Found by the TV News Crew Reporting on His Disappearance
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    Yes, the man wandering behind the reporter up there was none other than Robert McDonough himself. You can actually see Norm do the comedy classic "slow realization" take.
  2. A Scottish Man Gets Locked In a Bathroom for Four Days
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    Leggat ducked out to the loo (see?!), and after draining the ol' gentleman's sausage, he discovered that the inner door handle had jammed, instantly transforming the tiny bathroom into a cold, dark cell. With no cell phone and no doting wife at home to worry about his whereabouts, Leggat was in serious trouble. But the retired teacher knew that no Scotsman has ever been defeated by a bathroom, so for four long days he endured, surviving on intermittent sips of tap water.
  3. A Woman Joins a Search Party (That's Searching for Her)
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    An unidentified woman was taking a sightseeing tour of Eldgja, a volcanic canyon in southeastern Iceland that features pristine views and the most uncomfortable segregation of vowels this side of Kyrgyzstan. After a quick stop to clean up and change her clothes, she returned to the bus to find that tragedy had struck: one of her tourmates -- described as female, about 5 feet 3 inches, dressed in dark clothing, Asian but fluent in English -- had gone missing.
  4. Tillie Tooter, the 83-Year-Old Indestructible Missing Grandma
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    As Tooter traveled down Interstate 595 during the wee hours, she was rear-ended by a drunk driver and careened over the side of the elevated road. The car plunged 40 feet, landing in a thicket of mangrove trees. During the fall, Tooter's cell phone flew out the window. Just days earlier, her doctor had informed Tooter that she was diabetic. And did we mention that the area she landed in was snake-infested swampland?
  5. A Bunch of Presumed John Wayne Gacy Victims Are Just Really, Really Bad at Keeping in Touch
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    Lovell had done yard work for Gacy, and several of his personal items were actually spotted inside Gacy's house. If your last known whereabouts were "with a serial killer," and your best known current whereabouts are "scattered in pieces around a serial killer's home," your survival prospects are pretty bleak. Imagine his family's shock, then, when it turned out that Lovell was alive and well and living in Florida.