Psychology is a fluid field, which is another way of saying that the rules are constantly changing because it's a fat bunch of educated guesswork. Here's what we've found... Click link for the full article:
  1. Myth: Depression Is Just Brain Chemicals Making You Hate Your Otherwise Normal Life
    "Sometimes people are depressed because their lives are depressing. If you have a friend who can't get off the sofa because he lost his job and girlfriend in the same week, you're not going to make him feel better by telling him it's all just wonky brain chemistry."
  2. Myth: The Rorschach Test Is A Trusted Diagnosis Tool
    "A psychologist named John Exner compared the five most used scoring systems for the inkblots and discovered that they had given wildly different scores to the same person. The methodology was so flawed that essentially all the tests ever performed in the last four decades were scientifically useless."
  3. Myth: Hypnotism Is Just A Goofy Stage Trick
    "Here's how real hypnotism works: When a patient is placed into a fully conscious and mindful state, they can better visualize their memories or other issues and try to get a grip on trauma, anxiety, shame, or other ailments."
  4. Myth: Birth Order Dictates Personality Traits And Intelligence
    "The idea that the results of school tests could be predicted by how many firstborns, second-borns, and so forth were taking the test, suggesting that the children's IQs differed according to their birth order. Of course, modern thinkers know this is nonsense, citing Mufasa and the clearly more intelligent Uncle Scar from the respected scientific journal The Lion King as evidence."
  5. Myth: Mental Disorders Form Inside Your Brain -- Nobody Can Give You One
    "Urban dwellers have far more brain malfunctions (up to and including schizophrenia) than their rural counterparts. Some of the most likely explanations are the increased loneliness, stress, and cognitive load of city life; excess dopamine, thanks to the constant stimulation (excessive levels of dopamine in the brain can be indicative of schizophrenia); or even the aircraft noise generally associated with larger cities. "