Let's take a step back and have a conversation about the conversation itself. Here are six things everyone needs to stop word-vomiting in discussions about diversity. (click for full column) goo.gl/B5Guiu
  1. "This Is About The Sanctity Of Something!"
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    Does your heart get angry when a beloved character gets a race or sex change in a movie adaptation? Do you think the sex and race of a character are sacred? Like, "Holy Word of God" sacred? If so, are you five years old?
  2. "You're Shoehorning Diversity!"
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    Anyone accusing movies and games of "forcing diversity" isn't wrong ... but they're still missing the point if they think the solution is to do it less. Because if we want to stop shoehorning diversity, we first have to see more of it behind the scenes ... which we can't do without appealing to a larger spread ... which we can't do without shoehorning in characters who appeal to a more diverse audience.
  3. "PC Culture / Oversensitivity Has Gotten Out Of Control!"
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    Thanks to that anti-racism/sexism "meat is murder" pussy generation in the '90s, we're now living in a world in which LGBT Americans have equal marriage rights. We have a world in which different ethnicities are better represented in the media. The food we eat has become more diverse. And that's why it's so hilariously insulting when someone acts like we've "gone astray" from the good ol' days when people could say what they want.
  4. "We're All On The Same Team!" AKA #AllLivesMatter
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    Criticizing Black Lives Matter for not focusing on black-on-black crime is like criticizing Mothers Against Drunk Driving for ignoring pedestrian-on-pedestrian fights. It's like demanding a handjob from your plumber because your dick resembles a pipe.
  5. "Why Isn't There A White Lives Matter / Straight Pride Day, Then?"
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    All too often, the effort to balance an unbalanced system is confused for "reverse racism" or discrimination, and suddenly we get the groups in power trying to claim that they're treated unfairly or being made to feel shame for their race. So to my fellow white guys: You can absolutely have pride in your heritage, gender, and race. But keep in mind that, historically speaking, we've had a lot more time and freedom to do so than others.
  6. "Modern Society Is Too Obsessed With Race And Diversity!"
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    The racism we're now talking about tends to deal with overall statistics and institutional biases instead of anecdotal evidence of hate. This kind of racism isn't about what individual white people observed in classrooms and the workplace -- it's about hard numbers and trends. Which means it's invisible to the people who aren't experiencing the problem.