We live in a society governed by rules and law. But you wouldn't know it based on these pants-crappingly insane weapons...
  1. The Shockwave Generator
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    The Shockwave Generator is second only to a Dave Matthews concert at using sound to make people want to kill themselves: http://goo.gl/aZJDzV
  2. The Nock Gun
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    For when you want to shoot something so hard that you're willing to break your own ribs from recoil in the process: http://goo.gl/sFsJrj
  3. The Cannon Scooter
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    For when you're compensating for having a small penis, but you still want to be environmentally conscious: http://goo.gl/sFsJrj
  4. The Duck's Foot Pistol
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    The lunatic who wields the Duck's Foot Pistol doesn't aim for what they want to kill so much as aim at what they don't want to kill, and shoots the world around it: http://goo.gl/SJzUq0
  5. The Chainsaw Bayonet
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    Most likely inspired by Gears Of War, if something gets close enough to the barrel of an AR-15 that you need to use a chainsaw to kill it, then the world is already over and you are already dead: http://goo.gl/M8fa1K