We don't mind when "based on a true story" movies skip a few details here and there in order to make more coherent tales. But it's a different story when they rewrite history and completely screw up an innocent person's entire life. For instance ... (click for full article) http://goo.gl/wengqx
  1. American Hustle -- The Real Irving Rosenfeld's Wife Was A Kind Woman Driven To Suicide
    Names were changed to protect one innocent and a bunch of scumbags, but American Hustle was inspired by the real Operation ABSCAM, in which the FBI used con artist Melvin Weinberg to investigate political figures. Now, he did have a wife in real life, Marie, but she was in truth a dedicated mother and a good woman who felt humiliated by Mel's infidelities and wanted to divorce him. She was essentially the exact opposite of what we saw on screen.
  2. Dallas Buyers Club -- The FDA Was Trying To Save Lives
    AZT is perfectly safe and does in fact fight HIV ... if you get the dosage right. The problem was that, back then, we still didn't know what the right dosage was, which was why they were doing clinical trials in the first place. As for the drugs Woodroof was getting his hands on, they simply didn't work. We know now that Peptide T is absolutely useless in fighting HIV, while DDC can have even worse side effects than AZT, like irreversible nerve damage in your hands and feet.
  3. U-571 Completely Robbed British Sailors Of Their Roles In History
    The movie was based on a real story: That of the German sub U-110, which was indeed captured ... by British sailors. Shockingly, movie-jacking an important British military victory didn't sit well with the UK. A parliamentarian from Horsforth, a town that raised money for the ship that helped take down U-110, voiced his protests to President Clinton in a personal letter. And, oh yeah, the fucking Prime Minister also publicly condemned the film.
  4. Foxcatcher -- Mark Schultz Never Had A Gay Relationship With His Brother's Murderer
    The real Mark Schultz served as an advisor on set and asked to have the gay molestation implications cut, because he and du Pont never had that kind of relationship, and he found the inaccuracies insulting. But the director decided to keep them in, explaining that they were meant "to give the audience the feeling that du Pont was encroaching on [Mark's] privacy and personal space."
  5. The Imitation Game -- Commander Denniston Was A Brilliant Cryptographer And Alan Turing's Ally
    The real Commander Denniston was a cryptologist himself. During World War I, he worked for Naval Intelligence, helping to break the Zimmermann Telegram (a secret communication between Germany and Mexico), which contributed to the U.S. joining the war effort. For this, Denniston was made head of the Government Code and Cypher School. He not only understood the importance of code-breaking, he sought out Turing for the Enigma team.