Religions With Huge Followings (You Had No Clue Existed)

We're not talking about tinfoil hat meetings or Kirk Cameron's fan club - there are religions around the world with hundreds of thousands of followers which we can almost guarantee you know nothing about, if you've even heard of them at all. (click for full article)
  1. Eastern Lightning Is The Largest Doomsday Cult In The World, And China Wants To Destroy It
    While most religions send out missionaries with pamphlets, Eastern Lightning offers potential converts presents like smartphones. If the ability to play Pokemon Go AND make phone calls still isn't enough to convince them, the church will straight-up kidnap people and torture them, and in some cases kill them.
  2. Cao Dai Believes All Religions Are Correct
    According to them God has spoken to mankind in two different eras so far: first through Judaism and Hinduism (simultaneously), then again through Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism (again, all at once). Apparently, God invented precisely the right formats for each culture to get his message. The new religion, Cao Dai, would be God's third and final communication. And because God wasn't lying with all those other faiths, Cao Dai incorporated pieces of all of them into its theology.
  3. Jains Are So Nonviolent That They Won't Even Kill Bugs Or Plants
    Jains don't even kill insects or arachnids, meaning if a spider should happen to land on a Jain's shoulder, their only option is to politely ask it not to bite (which the spider would of course ignore). More serious Jains walk around with a broom, sweeping away any tiny insects in front of them they might step on. They won't go out at night, since they can't be sure they won't accidentally squash something in the dark. And you thought having to worry about stepping in dog crap was annoying.
  4. The Nation Of Islam Teaches That White People Were Created By An Evil Scientist To Take Over The World
    Many of us assumed the Nation of Islam was a customized version of Islam itself. Boy howdy, would we be wrong. According to the Nation of Islam's co-founder, Wallace Fard Muhammad, all of humanity descended from a single tribe, the Shabazz, which lived in the Nile Valley about 60 trillion years ago. They lived in paradise, with no wars and plenty of food to go around.
  5. The Yazidi Worship The Peacock Angel (And Are Being Exterminated By ISIS)
    There are about 700,000 Yazidi spread around the world, but the bulk of them live in Iraq. The faith is centered around a god called Yasdan, who's so amazing that humans can't worship him directly. There are seven lesser gods between Yasdan and his human followers, and he basically does a whole lot of delegation among those lesser gods to help him out with all the nitty-gritty. The most important of these lesser gods, the one who actually carries out Yasdan's will, is a Peacock Angel.