The worst response to sexism is of course to cheer it on or suggest that it is somehow "over." But it's likely going to be more productive to focus on what we the non-sociopaths are doing when faced with this depressingly ongoing issue. Check out Winston Rowntree's full article along with his awesome web illustrations here:
  1. Not Thinking of It as Your Problem
    "Sexism is everyone's problem, but many continue to ignore the fact that we are not two separate species and paint it as a women's issue, to the point where you can reliably predict that any given news article about sexism will inevitably talk about how "women are outraged." No, you know who's outraged? Anyone with fucking common sense."
  2. Not Questioning Institutions
    "Why aren't there more female investment bankers? Maybe it's actually the same reason there aren't more male investment bankers who aren't insufferable alpha males -- because investment banking is a gigantic fly trap for macho assholes and ideally nobody should be doing it. The real question is why are there so many macho assholes, and why do we let them beat the economy like a rented mule?"
  3. Misidentifying the Problem
    Comics industry600
    "Here's an article asking why women are so underrepresented as guests at comic conventions, especially when 40 percent of attendees are female. And this would normally be a fantastic question, except here it's missing the point completely, which is that women are always going to be underrepresented when the media habitually focus on Where the Men Are."
  4. Telling Women to Cover Up
    "If there's one cure that's worse than the disease, it's telling women to "cover up," like they were the fucking Elephant Man... Maybe it's because it assigns women the responsibility for dealing with the fact that assholes have decided that the female body = sex, and instead of addressing the actual problem, it's instead just PUT A SHEET OVER YOUR NATURAL SHAME. P.S. THINK OF THE CHILDREN."
  5. Nothing
    "We can harness peer pressure for good, too, and remind sexists that they are alone in the room -- especially online, because a tidy neighborhood discourages crime, and this is a neighborhood that needs a lot of fixing up."